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CRM Customization

Insightrak’s CRM SmartSuccess Solutions Program is an implementation service that gets you up and running with any hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.  We leverage our knowledge of marketing and sales best practices and our experience setting up myriad CRM products to accelerate your success with the CRM that best fits your needs.


A highly optimized CRM solution is for businesses looking for a more effective and profitable way to manage and automate their marketing campaigns and sales efforts—nurturing leads and converting them to customers, providing customer support and ensuring customer loyalty, and managing referral partner and strategic alliance relationships.


The following types of companies have benefited from our services:


  • Businesses relying on contact management programs like Microsoft Outlook or spreadsheets like Excel but continuing to struggle to stay organized and implement reliable, consistent, and successful follow-up and marketing campaigns.


  • Businesses aware of the concept of web-based/hosted CRM software but still wanting answers about how it works and what the benefits and ROI might be for their particular business processes.


  • Businesses convinced that a CRM would be a great solution for them but feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of selecting the best product on the market for their needs and budget.


  • Businesses that have selected a CRM solution but don’t want to, don’t have time to, or don’t have the skilled resources to configure it properly to meet their needs and train key personnel to use it.


  • Businesses needing to switch from one CRM solution to another because of growth or other changing needs.


How it works ….


Step 1: Business Process Review

We meet with your key stakeholders to jointly map out your goals and review the business processes that will be impacted, such as sales, marketing, and support.  We then provide you with a clear roadmap of how to achieve your desired results and the cost of implementation.


Step 2: Setup and Customization

Based on the results of the review process, we set up and configure the CRM so that you can start using it as soon as possible.  The Basic Package includes user and profile setup, data security and sharing model, and customization of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities modules. The Plus Package also includes setting up campaigns, reports and dashboards, and e-mail alerts.  The Premium Package also includes setting up forecasting stages and structure, workflow and approvals automation, and establishment of a self-service portal.


Step 3: Initial Training

We provide an overview of the entire system as configured for you, and then we train you to use it in your day-to-day operations. We also provide you with a customized User Manual for reference.


Step 4: 30-Day Review

We schedule an online session after 30 days so that we can review with you any necessary adjustments.


  • Timetable:  Implementation engagements can be completed in as little as two weeks or up to two months, depending on the scope of the project.


  • Optional Services: Existing Data Migration, Ongoing Support, Cases, Contracts, Product Price Books and Quotes, Writing/Editing Sales Copy, Graphic Design


  • All services are available on a time and materials cost basis.


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