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CRM Training & User Adoption

We offer customized training--in person, online, and/or via written documentation and screencasts--for managers and sales consultants.  You don't need to learn how to customize your system unless you plan to customize your system in-house.  And you don't need to learn all of the bells and whistles available when you'll only use a few key functions on a daily basis. 


It is critical that once a CRM has been put in place all of its users actually use it to record activities and take a proactive approach to ensure its accuracy and usefulness to the organization. User adoption depends on several factors:


  • Proper customization of the product to begin with.

  • Having an internal champion for the use of the product, preferably one who is in a leadership position.

  • Sufficient training of all personnel with access to the CRM.

  • A culture that enforces the rule: "If it's not in the CRM, it doesn't exist."


In addition, many companies have found that using performance software that offers a friendly climate of competition and rewards users for completing the activities that lead to sales can increase adoption significantly.


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