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CRM Partnerships

Insightrak partners with three CRM vendors, and we recommend at least one of them to our clients who are looking for a CRM to adopt. Other than businesses that require industry-specific CRMs, these platforms are excellent solutions for many businesses.  We have personal experience using each one of them.  We have also used and sometimes recommend other platforms, including Nimble, Solve 360, Insightly, Contactually, and Greenrope.  No two CRMs are alike, and we have explored many of the 200+ now available on the market.  It's our job to dig deep to discover the various features, capabilities, and benefits offered by each. We take our responsibility to our client seriously.  It is expensive and disruptive to business processes to have to switch from one CRM to another, and we strive to protect an organization's investment in whichever platform its leadership has chosen.
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